The magical tale of caron hor🪄


A long long ago there lived a king named omaar in the town of Veronica. He had a winsom queen named Marietta who had earlier been a wizard and let go the superpowers to marry his beloved .Now she was no less than a normal human being, having the heart of gold , would even sacrifice herself for her family and for the reign . But the life had been very cruel to her. When she and the king was in the verge of welcoming their first child, her in laws killed the king just to grab the entire reign from his hand and put the blame of his death on queen’s head. On hearing this news the mob gathered around their villa and started throwing sticks and stones upon queen Marietta as they were instigated by the younger brother of king omaar , nizam… he had already planned ,the mob offered throne to Nizam,the main conspirator. Ultimately after gaining powers he put the queen behind the bars. Soon he showed his real colours and started torturing the crowd , seeing the agony of the innocents

the queen took the oath that the child born from her womb would be the destroyer of Nizam and would free the people from his torture

And so the day came when Marietta gave birth to a beautiful girl while she was sleeping her dad who had been the biggest wizard of his time came in her dream and told that this girl is the reincarnation of our God of magic , she would possess all the powers that you possesed before marriage . She will be called Caron hor , she is descended upon this earth to serve justice to everyone out there and most importantly to prove you right and kill the murderer of her father but you have to hide this secret otherwise her life would be in danger . Marietta woke up from her dream in awe and started getting restless ………………

Hey lovely viewers hope you like the very first part of my story ….soon the next part would be out too ….till then keep reading ,keep loving and keep sharing ….bye bye💖

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